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At Black Cat you can select the level of difficulty that you prefer - Standard, Intermediate, or Advanced for any of our room themes!  Check out our suggestions and select your difficulty level once you start your booking.


The Dollhouse and The Stray Cat Speakeasy Ranked Among the Top Escape Games in the World

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The Dollhouse Ranked 7th Escape Game in the World


Christmas Escape Room:
The Basement of Misfit Toys

Jumpin’ Jingle Bells! Christmas is on the verge of being CANCELLED!


You are the Elite Emergency Logistics Force (aka EELF) and it is your mission to enter Mrs. Claus’ workshop, find Santa’s Navigation Map, and send it back to North Pole Headquarters before midnight on Christmas Eve or Santa won’t be able to take flight and Christmas will be ruined!


Come get a big helping of holiday cheer in this family friendly, temporary seasonal Christmas escape room now through the New Year!


Make some new holiday memories now.

Our Rooms...

The Dollhouse

You're Never Too Old to Play With Dolls

left to live out her days alone in that huge Victorian mansion on Main.  While she slowly wasted away in the house, speaking to no one, hiding away, the house itself crumbled as if trying to end the malevolence inside.  As the years went by Agatha began to look like an old hag, her hair hanging in wild tangles around her face.  Eventually, Ravensgate became the haunted house on Main where all the young boys would dare each other to knock on the door and run or to throw rocks at the windows.  When they did catch a glimpse of Agatha through the grungy windows, they said she would be playing with her dolls as if she hadn't aged a day.  But she would hiss like a rabid animal at anyone she saw to scare them away.

After her death in that house that became her coffin, Agatha became a legend along with her haunted old home.  The house was sold several times to hopeful young families wishing to restore it to its former beauty but, strangely, they never stayed more than a month.  The house sat empty for years, falling into disrepair until the city decided to demolish the old ramshackle ruin. You and your friends have heard the legend of Ravensgate and tonight, before the secrets of Ravensgate are lost forever, you sneak in to find out what stories the house on Main still had to tell after all these years.  But beware, brave adventurers, you only have an hour before the bulldozer arrives.  And some secrets die hard.

Minimum Players: 1                                                    Maximum Players: 8
Recommended For:
Smaller groups (3-6), Linear-Room Lovers!