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Black Cat Escape Cailey Kathlen Dawson About Us
Black Cat Escape Room About Us
Black Cat About Us

My mother threw my first mystery party for my birthday when I was eight years old.  Her mystery parties became legend and we had one every year for our family and friends.  There was a mystery to solve, actors to question (my uncle was a superb killer), clues to discover, and ultimately a climactic finale!  When I was old enough to start throwing mystery parties for my mom to play and solve, it became a family tradition.  We did city-wide mysteries taking us to interesting locations like Cape Henry Lighthouse and Ferry Plantation House and had themes ranging from formal teas to masquerades.

When Escape Rooms came to the area, we played them like maniacs and have traveled all over Virginia playing rooms: the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.  We were addicted and we decided to take the leap and open an Escape Room ourselves.

So what makes our rooms different?  With our love of history, story-telling, antiquing, and dramatically themed events, we feel we are tailor-made to create one-of-a-kind escape experiences.  We create immersive themes with true antiques and decor from floor to ceiling that make you feel as if you've stepped into a different world the minute you open the door.  As huge history buffs, ALL of our rooms are period pieces putting you in a unique time as well as place.  We try to include factual historical elements as much as possible so that you may just walk away having learned something new!  Our stories are detailed with vivid characters you get to know throughout your adventure.  Many of our rooms also contain an actual mystery you need to solve that you will learn about as you play through your adventure rather than simply finding an object or opening a door.  So for all the Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Nancy Drew, Columbo, and Pretty Little Liars fans out there, we have a little something extra just for you!

So come give us a whirl!  We are family owned and operated and dedicated to providing you with a one-of-a-kind experience from the second you open our front door.  We write all of our own stories and create each room ourselves start to finish!  Be entranced, experience the adventure, and escape reality with Black Cat Escape Room.

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