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The Dollhouse

You're Never Too Old to Play With Dolls

left to live out her days alone in that huge Victorian mansion on Main.  While she slowly wasted away in the house, speaking to no one, hiding away, the house itself crumbled as if trying to end the malevolence inside.  As the years went by Agatha began to look like an old hag with her hair hanging in wild tangles around her face.  Eventually, Ravensgate became the haunted house on Main where all the young boys would dare each other to knock on the door and run or to throw rocks at the windows.  When they did catch a glimpse of Agatha through the grungy windows, they said she would be playing with her dolls as if she hadn't aged a day.  But she would hiss like a rabid animal at anyone she saw to scare them away.

After her death in that house that became her coffin, Agatha became a legend along with her haunted old home.  The house was sold several times to hopeful young families wishing to restore it to its former beauty but, strangely, they never stayed more than a month.  The house sat empty for years, falling into disrepair until the city decided to demolish the old ramshackle ruin. You and your friends have heard the legend of Ravensgate and tonight, before the secrets of Ravensgate are lost forever, you sneak in to find out what stories the house on Main still has to tell after all these years.  But beware, brave adventurers, you only have an hour before the bulldozer arrives at dawn.  And some secrets die hard.

Minimum Players: 1                                                    Maximum Players: 8
Recommended For:
Smaller groups (3-6), Linear-Room Lovers!

80 years ago, the old Victorian on Main, known to all as Ravensgate, was the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. Abbott, their daughter Agatha, and son Bartholomew.  Ravensgate was a home full of love and joy until tragedies struck one after another.  At a sorrowfully young age, little Bartholomew was diagnosed with an illness of the mind and soon after died.  Only a few years later, an unexplained fire took the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Abbott, leaving Agatha the last of her family.

The town just knew Agatha had started that fire and killed her parents yet, though she was brought to trial, they could never prove her guilt.  So she was





Aaay!  Welcome to The Stray Cat Speakeasy!  Prohibition is going strong in Philadelphia, or at least it was the night the fed's raided Murphy "The Icebox" O'Brien's home and he, his entire crew, and son got iced. But the feds never found the hidden Speakeasy in the basement and Murphy never knew what stoolie among his gang it was who put 'dem wise to his operation.


Well chicks and roosters, eggs and dolls, its 90 years later and Murphy’s mansion is set for the wrecking ball tomorrow.  And Murphy’s Underground Speakeasy sits pretty as a dish just like all those years ago, ya follow?  That means the sugar from his last score is still down there too, sister.  He left clues all round the club so his son could find the lettuce if anything ever happened to him but you know his boy got the wooden kimono too sos all you gotta do is find those clues and bam, you have the bees!  You may just find who dropped the dime on old Murphy-Boy while you're at it.

But I ain't bumpin gums here, you and your squad got one last chance to chisel out a dib fo' yourself but first you gotta find the drum and ain't nobody heard wise o' it in years.  Should be duck soup for yous guys but you better dust out before an hour is up and the wrecking ball destroys Murphy’s Underground Speakeasy and his fortune kicks off forever.  Get out with the dough though and heck, you'll be the Cat's Pajamas!  If not, Murphy's mansion'll be a pile o' rubble and it's a pine overcoat for yous.

Minimum Players: 1                                                    Maximum Players: 10
Recommended For:
Bigger groups (4-7), Non-Linear-Room Lovers!

Upcoming Rooms...

The Peculiar Case of the mysterious Gypsy caravan

Gypsy Caravan.png

It’s the year 1921 in Honey Grove, Mississippi and the Golino Flying circus is in town!  All the townsfolk of Honey Grove were so excited for the carnival until rumors began to spread of mysterious goings on surrounding one of Golino's main attractions: Madam Zara, the mystical gypsy fortune teller.  It seems that after her fellow circus performers visit Madame Zara's caravan, they are never seen leaving and have been missing ever since.  As the story spread like wildfire that the fortune teller is really a witch, stealing away these unfortunate players for her own malevolent intent, she conveniently disappeared herself along with her last victim.


While rumors fly of Madam Zara’s wicked powers, another unusual troupe is headed to Honey Grove, and straight to the missing fortune teller's caravan.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini have gathered a team of investigators to travel America to find true spiritualists or to debunk fraud.  Doyle hopes that Madame Zara is the real thing while Houdini is convinced she is a charlatan.  As members of the investigative team, you must get to the truth behind these strange disappearances.  But hot on your heels is a hoard of townsfolk coming to torch the caravan to the ground, convinced this will end the evil contained therein.  You have 60 minutes to figure out The Peculiar Case of the Mysterious Gypsy Caravan before all the evidence burns up with Madam Zara's caravan.  But beware the supernatural powers contained inside or you might just join the doomed missing circus performers.

The Trials

The Trials of Isis Egypt Escape Game


Egypt, 1912, city of Philae – you and your group of dedicated archeologists are once again in search of priceless, ancient Egyptian artifacts.  On this dig you are seeking the Temple of Isis who was perhaps the greatest goddess of ancient Egypt, mother of Horus, wife of Osiris, and Goddess of the Underworld.  Inside Isis' Temple is rumored to be the sacred Eye of Horus, made from pure gold.  But even more priceless- its ability to protect against the greatest of all evils.  Isis was entrusted as Guardian of the Eye and so your research has led you and your team to believe that it must be hidden within her sacred Temple.

After sailing up the Nile and following a long-forgotten trail, you have found the Temple of Isis!  Your team is the first to step inside these hallowed walls in thousands of years.  As you enter, you walk under the inscription written in Ancient Egyptian, “Only those of true mind, body, and heart shall walk free.” When the last of your party steps inside, the heavy stone door slides closed behind you.  As your team tries futilely to open the door, you realize this is only the beginning.  Your eyes slowly adjust to the dim cavern illuminated by your lanterns and you can just make out a glyph of the goddess, Isis, on the far wall.  The sound of gears turning startles your group and you hear water dripping, the sound growing louder.   Looking up, you see water pouring slowly but steadily into the temple.  You realize that the inscription above the door was more than just a warning.  Now you must prove yourself and pass Isis' tests or perish in a watery grave and become just one more chapter in the legend of The Trials of Isis.

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